Pink Moon Amulet (Personalized Convertible Necklace)

We all have guardian angels, I'm deeply connected to mine. They guide, protect and keep me on track. Whenever I need some comfort and confidence I hold this amulet in my hand and take a moment to feel their grounding energy. I designed this necklace so my friends and family could feel this connection too.

Some of us may just need a little reminder so choose a meaningful word or a child's/grandchild's name, a loved pet or a special date. The idea is that we all need grounding in one way or another and wearing that special name or word can bring us peace, motivation and mindfulness.

Each original necklace is lovingly handmade and comes with a loved one's hand stamped name, meaningful word or date, an angel wing or key and a semiprecious stone. Your choice of 36" long knotted crystal chain that can be worn long or doubled using the provided "S" clasp.

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