Chalcedony Heart Drop on Cord
Chalcedony Heart Drop on Cord

Chalcedony Heart Drop on Cord

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The gemstone of EMOTIONAL BALANCE. Chalcedony is a stone of balance and can bring the body, mind, and spirit into complete harmony. 

Gorgeous faceted Chalcedony strung on nylon cord with sterling silver clasp.

Once you put one of these little beauties on you'll never take it off. Lightweight yet super strong, wear in the shower, ocean or pool. Are you a gold person? Silver person? It doesn't matter. These look great layered with any color metal. 

SIZING- They're best worn right at your clavicle. 15.5/16 inches is the average length but feel free to order smaller or larger. Kids usually wear a 13-14 inch. I'm wearing a 15.5 in the photo.

Tip- Corded necklaces can easily be made shorter by tying tiny knots close to the clasp. Just make a knot on each side until the desired length is achieved.

Gold-filled Swallow necklace and moon are sold separately.